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Head - Legal & Company Secretary

Ms. Poonam Chahal

Experience & Activities

Ms. Poonam Chahal emerges as a distinguished professional with a rich tapestry of accomplishments and expertise. Armed with a Master’s in commerce, a law degree, and a distinguished fellowship with ICSI, She brings over 16 years of versatile experience to the forefront.
Ms.Chahal’s journey in the realm of corporate law compliance and financial regulations has been nothing short of exceptional. From orchestrating complex IPOs to meticulously ensuring due diligence, her leadership within the legal and compliance department stands as a beacon of excellence.
At the helm, Ms Chahal’s astute guidance steers the company through intricate regulatory frameworks, ensuring unwavering adherence to standards and protocols. Her commitment to delivering value-added services not only safeguards the organisation’s interests but also propels it towards newfound levels of success and distinction.
Ms. Poonam Chahal’s tenure as a leader within the legal and compliance department exemplifies dedication, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, solidifying her as an invaluable asset to the company’s journey towards prosperity.